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Church at 5382 Trinity Church Road, Hickory, NC 28602

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in Hickory, NC

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  • As a preacher, whenever I go into a church I always have an open mind. I look to see how friendly the people are, what the music is like, and what Bible version the pastor is preaching from. In most missionary baptist churches it is the KJV. It is the version I preach from. I have been to this church multiple times and each time I go I always leave feeling blessed. The people are very friendly and loving, the music is hymns and worship music, and the preaching is straight from heaven, Hell hot and Heaven sweet. It is a place you can raise your family in, and if you are saved then we are all family anyway.

    Added February 09, 2017 by Abe Mcclain
  • This is a great church and a perfect place to raise your family. God is in this place.

    Added November 10, 2016 by PreacherPaulKJV1611
  • Love my church and pastor and pastors family. And my church family. Very loving and welcoming to everyone that comes there. We are God loving Bible believing teaching . church.

    Added October 13, 2016 by shirley aiken
  • This is a wonderful spirit filled old fashioned King James Bible believing Baptist Church. A very friendly congregation with a Preacher that has the touch of God on him!

    Added October 10, 2016 by cindy roberts
  • This is a wonderful church with a wonderful pastor and family. Bro Eric and his sweet wife and children have been a blessing and great friends to my family for many years now. Thank God for a man like Bro Eric that still stands for the truth, and preaches it straight.

    Added September 16, 2016 by Amanda Curtis
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